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Germany's most beloved mattress for business customers

BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress

Quality, durability and excellent sleeping comfort at fair prices: business customers receive the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress at individual conditions. The offer is aimed at customers from the hotel and hospitality industry, interior designers as well as authorities and comparable institutions. As a direct distributor, we offer you production, sales and smooth logistics from one source. Purchase on account is possible.

  • developed for the most diverse body shapes
  • two levels of firmness in a single mattress (medium firm/firmer)
  • 10-year warranty on durability & core
  • HyBreeze® Cover washable at 60 °C
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified in the product class I for baby products

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Why the BODYGUARD® Is Called Anti-Cartel-Mattress

Adam Szpyt, founder of, was looking for a good mattress for himself. While doing so, he discovered an obscure mattress market full of crazy prices that could not be explained by neither material nor production. His idea was born: good mattresses at reasonable prices. In 2004 he founded, an online shop with direct distribution. When he is asked by established mattress manufacturers to increase prices, he resists and gets into a protracted conflict. He turns to the Federal Cartel Office – with success: several mattress manufacturers are fined with a total of 27 million euros for illegal price agreements.


What is the shipping cost?

Shipping within Germany is free of charge for you. For shipping to other countries, shipping costs may apply. Please contact us in this regard, we will be happy to calculate any shipping costs to your desired destination.

By whom are the products delivered?

We ship our products with DPD or, depending on the order volume or condition, with a forwarding company commissioned by us. Would you prefer to take care of the logistics yourself? This is also possible; please contact us in this regard.

How high is the BODYGUARD® Mattress?

The BODYGUARD® Mattress including the cover is approx. 18.5 cm high. In combination with the BODYGUARD® Topper you can gain about 4 cm in height and also provide an extra soft feeling of lying.

Is the BODYGUARD® Mattress suitable for box-springs?

Yes, you can use the BODYGUARD® Mattress on a slatted frame as well as on a box-spring.

Do you offer other products, e.g. slatted frames?

Yes, the BODYGUARD® series includes other products for optimal sleeping comfort:

- More Mattresses, like Box Spring Mattress and Kids Mattress
- Slatted Frames
- Pillows
- Mattress Topper & Incontinence Cover
- Bed Linen & Fitted Sheets

Where is the BODYGUARD® Mattress manufactured?

The mattress core made of QXSchaum® Mattress Foam is made in Germany. The HyBreeze® Functional Cover is also sewn in Germany and Europe. Finishing takes place in Germany.

Which warranty conditions apply for the BODYGUARD® Mattress?

The warranty is subject to German law. The scope of the warranty is limited to EU countries and Switzerland. The statutory warranty of the retailer remains unaffected.

As a manufacturer of high-quality products, we provide you with tested quality.

This is why we extend the statutory warranty period for the mattress core to a total of 10 years from the date of purchase (proof of purchase from the retailer). During the specified time period, we guarantee the quality and durability of our BODYGUARD® Mattresses. This means, that we guarantee, that our BODYGUARD® Mattresses are in perfect condition and that no defects will occur during the warranty period. The warranty thereby includes physical defects or negative changes to the characteristics of the product (e.g. tears or nicks etc.). This extended warranty only applies if the BODYGUARD® Mattress is used with a suitable bed base, such as the BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame or a model from another manufacturer that is comparable in terms of construction (no use of softwood bars) and function. If a warranty claim is made, the proof of purchase of the item in question must be provided. The statutory provisions shall apply for all other products. We would like to point out, that in the event of improper use, in particular of the mattress covers, zips, handles etc., the statutory warranty may be limited.

In the event of a warranty claim, we will provide an equivalent replacement or repair the defective goods at our discretion. We reserve the right to make a repair or subsequent delivery on two occasions.

Within the first two years after the purchase date, the warranties are entirely free of charge for you. In the 3rd year of use, we still provide a warranty for 60% of the proven purchase price, which falls to 50% in the 4th year, 40% in the 5th year, 20% in the 6th year and 10% in the 7th until 10th year of use. The extended warranty period is neither suspended nor interrupted by warranties provided by us. Therefore, the warranty period ends 10 years after the purchase date in all cases.

In the event of a valid warranty claim, the abovementioned services are free of charge for you as a customer. Otherwise, any packaging and transportation costs incurred (these costs are currently EUR 79 including VAT per leg of the journey), as well as any costs for the repair and replacement services selected, shall be borne by the buyer. Your right to prove that no damage or less than the aforementioned damage occurred shall, however, remain unaffected. No claims for damages shall exists under this warranty. Any statutory claims for damages shall hereby remain unaffected.

What leads to the exclusion of warranty claims?

Defects caused by improper use by the customer after delivery shall be excluded from the warranty, i.e. cuts, rips, nicks, scratches and dirt. Furthermore, the standard changes to the firmness or mattress height shall be excluded from this warranty. In the course of use, your BODYGUARD® Mattress adapts to your body and may compress somewhat. A reduction in the mattress height of up to 15% is normal and shall be excluded from the warranty.

The warranty also does not cover incidental or consequential damages. The warranty therefore does not cover damage caused by incorrect installation, handling or maintenance.

Zips and handles are excluded from the durability warranty. The warranty is valid for indoor use only. The warranty does not apply if products have been used outdoors or in a damp environment. Mould growth is excluded from the warranty. Colour changes to the mattress foam and the formation of creases on the cover as a result of the incorrect positioning of the bed base are also normal. Therefore, these factors shall not be accepted as causes for a complaint. The repair or replacement of the product in question does not trigger a new warranty period.

BODYGUARD® Mattresses that are heavily soiled, and for which either an inspection or repair work is unreasonable due to reasons of hygiene, shall also be excluded from the extended warranty period.

Do you have any further questions?

You can either use the contact form to send us a message or call us directly: +49 30 7673172-33